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Přední švýcarský výrobce měřících systémů

Manuální výškoměr TESA-HITE MAGNA

Equipped with the Magna-µ-System measuring system, these 1D manual height gauges are particularly suitable for harsh conditions.

• PANEL - Protected against the penetration of liquids or dust (IP65) - Big colour screen for better reading in dimly lit surroundings - Black display background for excellent contrast - Large numbers displayed on the screen (21 mm) for optimal readability - Keyboard with few buttons for easy learning without confusion • AUTONOMY - Long battery life (60h) to avoid too frequent recharging • MEASURE - Philosophy of use similar to tablets or smartphones - Quick access to the first measurement from start up (<4s) for a significant time saving - Magnetic measuring system ensuring functioning in the extreme conditions of the workshop - QUICKCENTER DYNAMIC technology integrated to efficiently determine the culmination points - Context-based online help to avoid incorrect use and bad results - The interface can be customized according to the user's wishes • SCS CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE - Free SCS certificate provided to avoid additional costs for re-calibration at the initial purchase




Katalogové číslo Popis produktu
00730084 TESA-HITE 400
00730085 TESA-HITE 700


Measuring force 1,5 ± 0,5 N
Units mm / in
Standard Factory standard
Resolution 0,0001 / 0,001 / 0,01 mm .00001 / .0001 / .001 in
Zero Fixed
Coefficient of linear expansion (12 ± 1,5) x 10-6 K-1
Material Base: cast iron
Degree of protection Panel: IP65
Particular characteristic(s) Integrated fine adjustment Air cushion system
Weight Model 400: 24 kg Model 700: 30 kg
Power supply Power connection Rechargeable interchangeable battery
Function(s) Manual displacement of the measuring probe
Autonomy ≈ 60 hours
Included in delivery SCS calibration certificate Declaration of conformity
Data output(s) TLC

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